Courmayeur dreams of the G7, the candidacy to host the 2024 . Summit has been submitted

At first they were a little more Rumors, or so it seemed. Now, however, Courmayeur He is serious and yes he is Officially to host G7, The summit Among the heads of state and government of the seven most economically advanced countries in the world, which in 2024 It will be held in Italy.

Indeed, the Municipal Council’s decision reads how the hospitality of dignitaries in Courmayeur is represented extraordinary opportunity To give an international view of the enormous and precious natural heritage and the efforts needed to protect it through the following targeted actions: sustainable tourism, innovation in the renewable energy sector, and digital services for citizens in a region characterized by small cities at risk of displacement.”

An opportunity ‘to put the region at the center of the world’s spotlight for the duration summit to put the leaders States unitedAnd the United kingdomAnd the FranceAnd the GermanyAnd the CanadaAnd the JapanAnd the Italy And theunion European‘, for which CSC – Courmayeur srl Service Center In House The municipality – the candidacy file approved by the council has already been prepared.

A nomination which, if accepted, will attest to a Steering Committee under the auspices of Aosta Valley Autonomous Region, to ensure that everyone involved proactively makes their contribution to support the State Department’s mission structure responsible for organizing the event.”

Courmayeur’s strengths

We read in the decision in strong points that at White’s feet, a similar nomination could boast: “Efficient Infrastructure From the point of view of the physical connections thanks to the highway Connects directly to major European cities and its proximity to several intercontinental and national airports (Geneva, Milan, Turin), “but also”Usta . Airport for private or scheduled flights, orCourmayeur helipad“,” digital communication thanks a Fiber and 5G coverage Which ensures the reliability of the network” and “accommodation facilities at a quantitative and qualitative level suitable for hosting the different categories of senior participants”.

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Added to this “multiple Multipurpose facilities Able to offer stylish and functional spaces to host multiple meetings, media and delegations spay outdoor To stand or locate other temporary structures that further enrich the display, The tourist importance of the area Which offers a variety of possibilities for organizing an entertainment program for guests including the Skyway cable car, Pré-Saint-Didier thermal baths and castles. ”

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