Countdown to the Mercedes T-Class

what’s like On April 26, 2022, Mercedes will remove the veil from the T-Class, which will in fact represent the entry model into the Mercedes-Benz multi-space range. Waiting for the announced digital press conference, an image of the front of the new image has been released Mercedes T-Classfrom which a relationship with the commercial vehicle is inferred seitan. Both have the same shape as the hood, fenders, and roof, and in the position of the outside mirrors, it bounces to the height of the fixed reflector on the front doors. The first official information on sliding side doors, just like the Citan Tourer, speaks of communication and safety equipment at the highest levels and the level of quality at the height of Mercedes-Benz’s reputation.

Plenty of space for families – The Mercedes T-Class It will appeal to those who need a compact and manageable vehicle with plenty of modular space on board for passengers and luggage. Given the obvious stylistic kinship with the Citan Tourer, which in turn derives from the passenger version of Renault Kangoo, it is likely that the two cars will boast a similar available luggage volume, which is 775 dmc in the new version of the Kangoo with the rear seats in use (and 3500 dmc and the rear sofa). fully folded down). Very interesting values ​​for the outer length of about 450 cm and the width 192 cm.

> Pictured above is the Citan in Tourer version, on which the new T-Class should be based.

Also in the electric version? – With the launch of the program Mercedes T-Classthe manufacturer appears to want to repeat the same process that was done a few years ago with the Vito big truck, which switched to the refined V-Class, including electric version EQV. Given that the eCitan is ready to debut in the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle range, it is likely that a zero-emissions variant of the T-Class could be named at this point EQT.

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For Irreducible “thermo” – For multi space with entertainment career like Mercedes T-Class Thermal defences are the only option for most customers. In view of this, it is possible that the offer of engines (of Renault origin) available today in Citan Van and Tourer will be resumed on the T-Class: the 110 and 130 hp 1.3 turbodiesel should be accompanied by 1.4 common-rail turbine engines, presumably In the two most powerful variants, 95 and 116 hp. As an alternative to the six-speed mechanical gearbox, it is reasonable to expect a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to be offered which, not surprisingly, is available on Renault Kangoo, in fact the model from which the Citan and thus the T-Class arise.

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