Could it be true, after Miss Italy, to have a black dwarf?

The role of the press and the media in the innumerable controversy that we would gladly do without

Black Elf Lord Rings

We can never miss the collective ecstasy about the Black Goblin in de TV the Lord of the Rings? Obviously not, and in fact since the first Mammoth trailer was shown Amazon Prime VideoWe only talked about it in practice, because of the crazy need for it controversy Which we all seem to need.

This is not intended to be an in-depth analysis of the work that Amazon has done Starting with Tolkien’s MaterialI don’t want to talk about the amount or meaninglessness of a dwarf middle earth I may have olive skin, I don’t want to embark on useless tests about this or that element of imagination whose choice of representation may or may not be justified, because they are things that matter to me literally less than zero.

In fact, I also tell you that The Lord of the Rings in general gives me the right. I’m not a big fan of it, I saw it for the first time during the first time full closure, at thirty-four, because it looked like a gap to be filled. This is to tell you that you don’t need to be a fan of the work or the writer to understand that what has erupted in recent days is yet another useless controversy based on nothing.

Black Elf Lord Rings

Because Amazon, with its series, which they pay for with their big bucks, can basically do whatever they want with it. because We’re talking about a new character, was invented from scratch and does not exist in the original work. because her skin color Probably inside the story It will have no connection. And above all because we are talking about a fictional character. I know I give you great resentment, but Elves do not exist. Well, they were described a certain way in the original work. So, if you can’t really get over it, read the original work.

The usual army of spots that invaded the comments under the posts of everyone who talks about the topic is the same who at that time poured out his anger towards the news that little mermaid He could have played itblack actress.

A few years ago, when we were discussing Final season From game of ThronesThere were fans of the series who were disappointed that they did not find the order of catapults credible in the final battle against the White Walkers. In a TV series where there are dragons, undead, resurrected people, a young girl who can take the form of anyone, and an invalid who can control any animal, their problem was the credibility of the strategy used in it. battle.

A half-woman, half-fish entity talking to seagulls and sea creatures losing their voice due to a spell cast by an octopus woman? Everything is totally believable, but he must have white skin or I’m going to make a mess. Again, it pains you to describe The Little Mermaid in a certain way Andersen Before and in the classic Disney and then? Read this book and watch that movie. This is another thing.

So don’t call her the little mermaid.. but why? We are talking about a reinterpretation. Along the Watchtower From Jimi Hendrix It does not have anything in common with the version Bob DylanBut I don’t think anyone went to Hendrix to tell him “Oh, you have to call it another way, or else woe to you.”

And so the poor dark elf ended up, before even seeing him in action at the complete product, in the meat grinder of the politically correct, black washAnd over there cancel cultureI want Mandela to be played by a white man, we can no longer say anything and where we will end, madam.

But the thing I found more interesting in this Zibaldon than crap, I read it lorcando In discussions on my Facebook feed. Someone, who shared an article again, was amazed that within their bubble they all fully endorsed the Amazon-Black Elf question or at least were indifferent to it, while reading the comments below the original post there was a deluge of grabbing the claimAryaniki creature.

Well, I always regret pressing the same key, but I firmly believe that if we find ourselves in this situation, where a large number of people see reality in a certain way, the “wrong”, if we call it, is also a certain type of press, it is immersed in News of a certain kind.

Because we all remember history inconsistent kissing give to snow White by prince charming, and we remember it because they all published it, though a reflection, denied in the next paragraph by the same authors of the article, written on the website of a local newspaper in the United States.

If something non-news being propagated by an irrelevant reality is spreading around the world, it is because someone has smelled it. easy click I took the opportunity to make some money through ads. Unfortunately, the economic situation for publishing is a disaster, and we all know that. You can only get paid with a little money for advertising, and it’s hard to back up the reality that you have an appreciation for, when you use a program that blocks ads you can also pull these two pieces you earn and if you don’t have to do meandering between popups to read an article.

Black Elf Lord Rings

However, the solution is not and shouldn’t be to have an editorial line for which you can post anything as long as you click and like, otherwise you are contributing to polluting landscapes that don’t really have who knows what health. This is especially true for those sites that they tend to deal with Culture Pop Art On the tour, because we are after all the first to complain when comics or video games aren’t treated with the respect they deserve, but we never stop to think that the mistake might also be an editorial choice taken too lightly.

Well, reader training is not the work of magazines and entertainment sites, but it is foolish not to think that if we bombard our users with a certain type of content, they will act accordingly. If a football newspaper starts talking only about Sampdoria, sooner or later (sure, sooner) someone will think “Oh, you can’t stand Sampdoria anymore.”

If we give a breath to any nonsense, we are destroying ourselves and our passion in the first place. Because it’s easy to make the editorial busy about how bad the culture hype is, but if we post any flatulence, he’ll get off reddit because of the rumors about GTA 6 They are always fine, useless. Complaining about the embodiment of the female body when publishing articles such as Here are all the films in which actress X appeared naked.It just makes you look like an idiot.

Let’s start to change a certain way information is formed, and instead of falling from a pear tree and starting from scratch, in the not too distant future we might avoid some controversy, because it will shrink on its own.
And if it doesn’t, we at least tried.

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