Costantino (USL): “Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the last period”

“Even if it was previously thought to have been eradicated or kept under control, in fact, in the past period, it has been observed to grow.”

Demetrio Costantino, Head of the Ministry of Health of the Women’s Health Center in Via Posseto, talks about sexually transmitted diseases: “In particular, we help patients with syphilis and chlamydia, the latter being the most involved in terms of infertility and sterility problems, and also in favor of the emergence of infections Like pelvic fog disease.”

“These are situations – explains the director – that have to be closely monitored, because they are very important. We already have a very low birth rate, and if we also add to this this kind of problem, negative repercussions for the future of our generation are inevitable.”

The Women’s Health Center deals with this and much more: “Our job is to show as much as possible the prevalence of these diseases. We have been doing this for some time with the Youth Counseling Center, with a campaign primarily about information. We recently decided that we would be able to do With something more complex online with other services, and this is offered to us above all by the possibility of working with an andrologist, endocrinologist and infectious disease specialist in order to provide a very dynamic service that is very close to people and both are close to them to get out of the disease.”

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