Cosplay Tifa from katyuskamoonfox is Kafr –

lets see Disguise From Tifa Give Final Fantasy 7, Made by the highly inspiring katyuskamoonfox, leading us to say blasphemous things for what is well done, despite our rejection towards soft sexual arousal. The outfit itself is very subtle, although it’s more succinct than the original outfit (not much actually), while the situation just screams fans out every pore. A masterpiece of modernity masterpieces, which will definitely appeal to those who appreciate this genre.

Popular character Tifa CosplayerWho can use it to accentuate their sexual side while having an attractive personality. After all, he is also very much loved by Final Fantasy 7 fans, who often prefer him over the more chaste Aeris.

But now let’s stop gossiping and take a look at Tifa’s costume by katyuskamoonfox:

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