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Jinshin effect He has infuriated many fans in recent days for a variety of reasons. However, most players continue to enjoy miHoYo without asking too many questions. Reason? Quality of play and beauty of characters. In fact, the latter is considered the most popular by and before the cosplayer since the release of the free game. LadaliumusFor example, give us Cosplay Lisa; The result has a big impact.

As you can also see from the screenshot shared on Instagram by Ladalyumos, which you find directly below, This cosplay respects the original style of the Genshin Impact character. MiHoYo has chosen a very cartoon / anime style, with elaborate and sometimes very cheerful designs. Lisa is definitely one of those.

However, Ladalyumos is not new to cosplay and not new to characters who are not afraid to show more skin. What matters, however, is that The costume chosen by the cosplayer is high quality, finished in every detail. Even the shot is impressive, thanks to the bright location: the impression this photo gives is a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

Moreover, if you are a fan of Genshin Impact, don’t miss Barbara cosplay by Nyukix: it has been studied in detail. Genre change, here is Cosplay Daniela from How not then appreciate Cosplay 2B by naiichiru: It’s so touching beauty. Finally, we’re closing in with missbricosplay’s MT Lady cosplay.

What do you think of this new Ladalyumos cosplay? Is he one of your favorite costume designers?

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