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Only less than a month left until version 3.0 of Jinshin effect, which will among other things introduce the Sumeru region and the first playable characters using the Dendro item. To pass the wait, we can like this new cosplay de mrs known as Ichimiko.

The Lady is one of the main villains of Genshin Impact and one of the most appreciated players, who hope that sooner or later she will be introduced in Hoyoverse Action RPG as a playable character. Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, the woman’s real name, is known for her great magical power and ability to turn her body into a living flame, earning her the nickname “Witch of the Scarlet Flame”. The lady is one of the members of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, the elite of the Sheznaya army, inspired by the Italian Commedia dell’arte masks: among its ranks we also find characters called “Pulcinella”, “Arlecchino” and “pants”.

The Ashimiku cosplay represents the lady in her ultimate form, when she unleashes her incendiary powers unfettered, with the dress turning bright red and the mask widening over her face to take on the shape of a butterfly with two long horns. As we can see in the shot below, the model completely recreated the Crimson Witch costume, and also made a 1:1 replica of the fiery whip that the character uses.

Staying at Genshin Impact’s Teyvat, you may also be interested in Lisa Minci fancy dress costumes designed by Chokokasa and Lada Lyumos’s Beidou. Changing genres, also take a look at the Nico Robin cosplay from One Piece made by Vlada Lutsak and Asuna from Sword Art Online signed by Lena.

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What do you think of cosplay Aishimiku Lady Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments.

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