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There is no peace to the Corvette C8. The new Chevrolet sports car was forced by A. A new stop of production, Because of the supply chain problems the US automaker faced. Remember that the new Corvette C8 is being produced at the Bowling Green plant in the United States, which has already been forced into action since it reopened in May last year after restrictions due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Three setbacks, Again due to supply problems.

General Motors, the premise of an electric corvette

A few months after the last production shutdown (which dates back to last October), here comes another situation: On a forum dedicated to fans and owners of the famous Chevrolet sports cars, a user posted an email received from the same American company in which it was indicated that he will have to wait To take delivery of the Corvette C8 you ordered More time than expected. The halt of production was announced at the moment for a week, that is, on February 1: as Chevrolet itself indicated, the suspension of assembly activities is not only related to the aforementioned sports car, but All models That was built on the Bowling Green facility. “We are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any additional impact on production – Chevrolet Books – We expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, February 8th. ”

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