Corridors, lights out for expensive bills

There is great concern in the UK about the gas crisis which has caused the cost of electricity to soar. The owner of the Hapidrome Arcade, one of the country’s most popular arcades, is considering reducing hours and lighting this winter, as high energy prices make it unsustainable to open it for many hours of the day.

Martin Richardson confirmed his decision in a recent interview with Southend Echo, with arcades across the country struggling badly with soaring bills.

The Echo reports that “Richardson expects a harsh winter, as are many other businesses.”

“The hall owner says daily opening costs are around £1,000, with electricity bills already rising from £200 to £500. He plans to reduce staffing levels to meet the hardships caused by the energy crisis.”

Commenting on his challenges, Richardson said, “We’re considering not using some of the lights outside of work.”

“I worry about surviving and anticipate a very long and hard winter.” And it’s not just the Hapidrome that seems worrisome.

“Unfortunately with the cost of energy bills rising, there is no doubt that we will have to raise our prices to cover the costs,” said a spokesperson for the arcade game series, Nerd Arcade of Gateshead.

“We’ve been open for nearly two years now and have been able to keep our prices as low as possible, but we’ll simply have to close if we don’t do something.”

And only these days, the Italian press talks about the condition of many exhibitors who denounced the impossibility of supporting such costs and exorbitant bills.

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Just a few days ago, ARERA, the Italian energy authority, announced that without exceptional and urgent interventions before InstitutionsThere is a risk of increases in 100% on rates Invoices energy As early as the first of October: Practically, a Doubling household costs for energy. This is a summary of the warning issued by himArreraEnergy Authority, in a report immediately sent to the government and Parliament. Arrera already last July, warned thatNext fall and winter will be the most sensitive moments to the energy crisis.

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