Coronavirus: the new rules for sport, from gyms to skiing

To go to the ski slopes I use the local public transport bus. Are there obligations?

Yes, from December 6 it is necessary to have at least the basic green pass, which is also obtained with a buffer with negative results.

Do I need a permit to ride the cable car in the mountains?

Yes, the color varies depending on the region you are in. If you are in the white or yellow area, you can only go up the cable car if you have at least the basic green pass. If the area is orange, you should have the super green fairway in your pocket. In the red zone, the ski lifts are closed and inaccessible even to those with a reinforced driveway.

What are the rules for staying at a ski hotel in the mountains?

To enter the hotel, even in the white area, you need the basic green corridor. So you must have had the vaccine, recover from Covid or have a negative result from a molecular smear (valid for 72 hours) or antigen (valid for 48 hours). Inside, with the primary green corridor, you can go to the restaurant, gym, swimming pool, changing rooms and wellness centers.

What if I want to go to the restaurant at the cottage on vacation?

In restaurants located in the white and yellow areas, holders of the reinforced green aisle can access the indoor catering spaces. In the yellow area, those with a reinforced corridor will not have to sit at the table for four people inside. In the orange area, entry to the restaurant’s interior is only permitted to those with a Super Green pass.

Is it necessary to wear a mask outdoors?

In general, outdoors is not necessary, but some municipalities and regions have imposed specific restrictions on outdoors as well. However, indoors, it remains mandatory for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about the applicable provisions in the municipality in which you reside or where you are going for vacation.

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