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Switzerland vaccine under hypnosis to convince the undecided

“Every vaccine counts”: the slogan of the national COVID-19 immunization week, which begins tomorrow in Switzerland. Many events: concerts, vaccination village at Zurich main station, vaccination by bus, tram, on the Rhine boat or even under hypnosis. And so the Federation and the cantons are trying to convince the undecided, thanks to the information program and the facilitation of vaccinations, with increased sites and extended schedules. The week – with a budget of around 100 million Swiss francs – will start with an informational event at the Federal Arena in Bern. About eighty personalities from sports, culture, economics and politics lent their faces to posters posted in the four corners of the country. There will also be a concert tour by musicians such as Stephanie Heinsmann, Danitsa, Stres, Dabo, Koons, Paschi, Anna Rosselli and Sophie Hunger, who will accompany information and advice on the subject. In some cantons of eastern Switzerland, whose vaccination rates are among the lowest in the country, in addition to vaccination nights, various temporary and willful centers, the more fear will have the opportunity to submit to the offices of specialist doctors. Short sessions of hypnosis. Buses, vaccination trucks and mobile vaccination teams will be deployed in many places: in Zurich, for example, it will be possible to get injections on the tram, while in Basel it will be possible to do this by boat on the Rhine. A A real vaccine village will also be established inside the main station in Zurich.

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