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Covid, WHO: Few Vaccines, Africa Risks New Wave

The World Health Organization has warned of the risk of a new wave of Covid-19 infections in Africa due to delays in the provision of vaccines and new variants. He says: “The delay in the delivery of vaccine doses by the Serum Institute of India to Africa, the delay in the distribution of vaccines and the emergence of new variants lead to a very high risk of a new wave of infection in Africa.” The WHO Regional Office, adding that new variables such as those emerging in India and South Africa could lead to a “third wave” in the continent. The World Health Organization said that some African countries were exemplary in distributing vaccines, without naming them. However, he added, only slightly fewer “37 million doses have been received in Africa” ​​so far. Deliveries of the first vaccines to 41 African countries under the Covax program began in March, but so far nine countries have provided only a quarter of the doses received, while 15 countries have used less than half of their allocations. The vaccination rate in Africa is the lowest in the world. Globally, an average of 150 doses of the vaccine have been given per 1,000 people, but in sub-Saharan Africa, that’s just eight doses per 1,000, according to WHO estimates.

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