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Coronavirus, European Union abandon new doses of AstraZeneca, Bretton: “We haven’t renewed contract since June.” The state of emergency ends in Spain

European Union

ANSA / Andrew Dalmau | Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Trade

Britton: “We will not renew the contract with Astrazeneca”

It is now certain that the European Union will not renew the contract with the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company that produces Vaxzevria. This is what Thierry Breton declared: “We did not renew the matter after June – the European Commissioner for Internal Trade confirmed on the radio. France Inter -. Then we will see what happens. ” Therefore, at the end of June, the agreement with Astrazeneca to supply European Union countries with Covid vaccines will end. The news comes after the president of the European Commission confirmed, on Twitter, instead that a new agreement with Pfizer was closed: “I am pleased to announce that the European Commission has just agreed to a contract of 900 million guaranteed doses plus 900 million options with Pfizer. -BioNTech ”For the year 2021-2023 – Ursula von der Leyen wrote – Other contracts and other vaccine technologies will follow.


Environmental Protection Agency / David Modara | Isabel Diaz Ayuso received a member of the Electoral Commission of the Spanish People’s Party after her victory in the last elections in Madrid.

Madrid to bars and restaurants are open even after midnight

Spain’s national emergency ends today, May 9, as much of the country prepares to remove anti-Covid restrictions. Only four of the 17 Spanish regions will maintain a curfew set at 11 pm, while many closures will remain in effect in other regions at the municipal level, in cities where infection rates are still high. In the Madrid region, the newly elected president Isabel Diaz Ayuso It also plans to lift the ban on visiting private homes soon and allow bars and restaurants to remain open until after midnight.

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United States of America

Environmental Protection Agency / Tassos Catopods US President Joe Biden

Vaccine stocks are growing in the United States

Vaccine requests from US governors are declining while the daily average for departments has fallen below two million people for the first time since the start of March. With the exception of states like Colorado, New York and Maryland, nearly all other states have slashed demand dramatically, forcing the United States to order lower doses and increase national stocks. This increases the pressure on Joe Biden, especially from Europe after the recent informal summit in Portugal, to cancel the ban on exporting its vaccines, especially for the poorer countries participating in the plan. Kovacs Including India is in a state of complete emergency. As of mid-April, more than 3 million doses have been administered daily in the United States, peaking in mid-April at 3.38 million doses. The drop in doses is now about 41%, according to the report The New York Times46% of the population received at least one dose, while 34% received a full vaccination.

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