Coronation of Charles III on in digital format

From 6 to 8 May 2023, the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries will celebrate the coronation of Charles III according to a ritual that is nearly a thousand years old. A purely symbolic and religious ceremony: the eldest heir to the British throne has been king since the day his mother died. However, the expectation outweighs the controversy among the subjects of the kingdom. The Rai information portal will follow the entire ceremony minute by minute, and will integrate the story of the Royal Weekend experience on the web and on social networks into the official broadcast of the coronation ceremony., in addition to articles, videos and photo galleries on the details and protagonists of the event, will be available online from May 3 with a special offer “Coronation shots: 25 curiosities not to be missed“, where users will find, through a gallery of 25 content, sequences of heroes, jewels, figures and details of the real event. Rai News Interactive Storytelling is one of the offices of Rai’s information portal ( It is concerned with creating multimedia content with a strong element of sharing. Indeed, Ray decided to invest in a team that, alongside traditional bureaus, produces news in innovative styles and formats.A group of journalists, designers and developers collaborate side by side producing press explainer videos and responsive, interactive, web-oriented and data-oriented content.

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