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Cloud Imperium Games – Author Star Citizen – Some unveiled at CitizenCon 2952 Statistics Dedicated to Star Citizen, such as the number of copies sold (1.7 million), the average number of daily active users (50,000) and more.

More precisely, it was shown that out of the 4.1 million registered accounts, 1.7 million are Buy Star Citizen: This is an important value because we now know how many players have already paid.

Star Citizen can also count on 50,000 Active players on a daily basis On average: The number refers to 2022. During the year, there were various peaks of 130,000 concurrent users. For comparison, in 2017 it was 10,000 while in 2021 it was 32,000. So there was growth.

until the average playing time It increased by about three hours per day in 2022, another increase compared to 2017 (48 minutes), 2018 (64 minutes) and 2019 (2 hours). Since then, Star Citizen’s stats have been growing. In 2022 alone, players spent 36 million total hours playing the game.

Star Citizen’s growth is also associated with Number of EmployeesCloud Imperium Games has 835 employees worldwide, 500 of whom will soon start working at a new studio in Manchester.

Furthermore, we know that $500 million has been raised through crowdfunding.

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