Cooperative discount coupons? Beware of the new scam running on WhatsApp

Under Easter, as on other holidays, supermarket offerings increase, you know. But you need to pay close attention to misleading messages, as real scams can hide behind them.

Fraud affecting Esselunga

In the last days we talked about WhatsApp fraud affects Esselunga. “Esselunga is 70 years old and offers € 100 shopping vouchers with a new social initiative”, says the messages: It is a pity that it is a hoax. The supermarket chain is actually very far from this important Christmas, and the chain trending on WhatsApp is another scam involving a name known to major retailers, an important anniversary and a prize contest.

The Attempt Trolling Involving Esselunga at first glance appears to be a real lottery. The supermarket logo is actually the original logo. Once you open the message on WhatsApp, start the game to get the 100 € greedy shopping voucher, a kind of packing card in which you have to tap three packages out of nine on the screen and hope to win one of the seven thousand prizes to grab. (Find all information about how to identify it here).

The fraud affecting Coop

Not only. These days always The WhatsApp It also turns into A scam message using Coop’s name and logo To deceive unsuspecting partners and customers. The letter talks about an alleged competition “Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of Coop”, This does not exist.

As is often the case in similar situations, people are asked to fill out a file A questionnaire At the end of the collection, you are asked to provide your credit card details to receive the supposed reward as a reward A 100 € discount voucher.

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How to recognize a phishing attempt

Be careful, as it is phishing. A complete fraud whose sole purpose is the misappropriation of an individual’s data and personal information. what should be done In these cases? Here are some helpful tips also provided by Coop:

  • Do not open messages like this
  • Protect your credit card details
  • Do not click on these links
  • Always check who sent the message
  • Beware of untrustworthy content and links to non-institutional sites
  • Report fraud attempts on the Postal Police website.

Coop explains that it’s totally odd about these messages that have nothing to do with the business and promotional initiatives of the supermarket chain. We recommend that you always refer to the official websites and social channels only, in addition to the information provided in the stores.

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