Cooked or raw peppers are always easy to digest and light thanks to these 3 cool and super quick tricks to remember

As the hottest season approaches, a period full of innumerable goodness and fortunes opens in the beautiful country. Loved, colorful, delicious, nutritious and very popular, pepper comes in all its forms and enriches the Italian table.

Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Calabria and Sicily are the regions where they are most grown, but also in Piedmont and Veneto, pepper production is greatly developed.


This wonderful vegetable contains only 20 calories per 100 grams and is rich in vitamins C and A.
The aroma, color and taste are unmatched, yet pepper is hard to digest. In fact, the heaviness of food leads to strong swelling in the abdomen that lasts for whole days.

Causes and methods of treatment

Peppers are part of a family Nightshade It contains solanine. This substance is toxic if consumed in large quantities. It also makes food less digestible.

Also, the skin does not aid digestion. It is always advisable to peel the pepper well before consuming it.
On top of that, you can get cooked or raw peppers that are always easy to digest and light thanks to these 3 cool and very fast tricks to remember.

Not everyone knows these little tricks

Removing the peel is the first step in making peppers more digestible, even in recipes where there is no mention of peeling the peppers. Nobody knows but you should also remove the skin in Eggplant.

A trick that can be very helpful is to get rid of the white portion of the pepper. Many stay on the skin and forget that even the white inner portion of the vegetable creates this feeling of heaviness and flatulence. why? Because it contains flavin, which is difficult to digest. For the same reason, it will be beneficial to discard all the seeds as well.

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Let’s now move on to the more unusual yet highly effective treatments.
To make peppers lighter and more digestible, many chefs recommend cooking them in a skillet with an apple in it. Four slices of apple are enough to taste the pepper without fear. The sugary properties of the fruit will counteract the heavy effect of pepper.

The last quick and easy trick is about sugar.
Have you ever tried putting a teaspoon of sugar on the pepper while it’s cooking? It appears to have miraculous effects and makes peppers exceptional and very light. Revealed here is how to prepare cooked or raw peppers that are always easy to digest and light thanks to these 3 cool and super fast tricks to remember.

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