“Contributing to the Advancement of Italian Laboratory Medicine”: Prof. Ciaccio Scholarships

Professor Marcello Ciaccio, Head of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Palermo, has been awarded the “Patter Prize” for his contribution to the scientific and cultural advancement of Italian laboratory medicine. This prestigious award was awarded in Padua on the occasion of the International Congress of Laboratory Medicine, which brought together specialists from all over the world.

Professor Ciaccio has been recognized for the great commitment he has made in studies that have contributed to the understanding and validation of many biomarkers in the context of various clinical conditions, such as sepsis, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular disease. Productivity and quality of the scientific activity of the professor. Ciaccio is attested by the bibliometric indicators that led him to enter the list of the best researchers in the category “Clinical Sciences” in the category of “Best Italian Scientists” and among the most deserving researchers by the international journal “Plos Biology”.

“Professor Ciaccio – reading a note – is the Director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Polyclinic which today represents a center of excellence at the national level, providing the doctor with the full range of vital signs in various sectors, both routinely and in a specialist; for example, it is one of the few centers in Italy that It dose performs all CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. Professor Ciaccio has also made an essential contribution to the growth of laboratory medicine both nationally and internationally. The most important Italian society for laboratory medicine, the SIBioC, was unanimously re-elected for two years 2024-2025″.

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