Contract Amendment. Poste Italiane, notice to all customers

Poste Italiane customers may receive communications regarding a Contract Amendment. This is what it is

Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

Today almost all Italians have a Bank account At the Italian Post Office. Postage is generally chosen by citizens, compared to bank credit institutions, because they have Low operating costs. In general, before opening an account, it is a good idea to study the trading proposal closest to our needs.

The thing that should never be done, when we want to open an account, is not to do it Pay attention to the details. You have to read carefully all Circumstances Which we will sign to avoid getting nasty surprises or not paying attention to contractual terms that may be useful in the future.

Poste Italiane, contract modification notice

Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

Once we sign our contract to open a counter-stream with Poste Italiane, we’ll have to pay attention to everyone Communications Which mail usually sends to us in our area User area online or by e-mail. In fact, it can happen that you find letters with contractual changes, Or on different terms, more or less favorable, to the contract we originally signed.

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In this case, the first thing to say is that credit institutions and the Italian Post Office can Modification of contractual termsin a manner from one sidein agreement with its clients. To do so, however, they must respect Transparency rules. Perpetual contracts may in fact include a clause allowing the organization or post office to unilaterally change rates, rates, and other terms.

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The clause must be agreed by the customer, and for this very reason, the customer must read the contract carefully when signing it. In any case, the law states that upon each change in the contract modification, Poste must inform Modify the terms of the same. The connection must contain the form “Proposal for a Unilateral Amendment to the Contract.”

The “proposal for unilateral modification of the contract” shall reach the interested party a At least two months’ notice. If the customer does not express a desire to withdraw from the contract after contact, the changes will be understood tacitly accepted. On the other hand, if the modification connection does not arrive, the client will be able to do so complaint.

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