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It certainly isn’t possible for a match to be chosen as a “2021 Surprise” less than two months into the year, however Valhaim He will definitely be one of the candidates. Survival has sold more than 3 million copies – and the increase in players has clearly had an effect, as Valheim shatters a precedent Record of contemporary playersKisa: Now after I arrived 400,000.

Specifically, as reported by SteamCharts, on February 19, 2021, Valheim reached 410,990 contemporary players. Let’s talk about a file +65,000 compared to the previous record, Which was accessed last week. The survival game is clearly still growing and the results will likely be out of date soon.

To give you a point of reference, consider that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) took several months to reach those numbers in 2017. PUBG still outperforms Viking’s survival: it has hit a record player of 451,823 in the last thirty days, while the limit is His maximum record is 3,236,027 concurrent players. As of this writing, PUBG has beaten Valheim’s numbers by 60,000 players, which it still is Several inches above Apex Legends, GTA 5 and Rust.

as always, DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive top the leaderboard, With 634,887 and 1,100,157 players respectively (at the time of writing). Valhaim definitely can’t touch these sacred beasts, but he remains firmly in his fourth position. If the developers are able to support it on a regular basis, you could become a permanent member of Steam’s top 10 companies for a long time.

We also refer to our experience in Valheim with our first impressions.

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