Consortium introduced “Goal Sport and Health 4.0”

There was also CSI National Director General Michel Marchetti at the consortium’s official presentation ” Sports and health goal 4.0Which brings together some managers of major sports facilities, swimming pools but not only, in Liguria and ten companies involved in a project that aims to be a response to the new challenges of today and tomorrow.

The numbers, if not all, indicate a lot: 16 members of the federation, 25 multi-purpose facilities under direct management, 63,300 square meters of sports facilities, 3,560 registered for various activities, 7900 average daily attendance, 7,000 registered for educational activities among Children and youth, 1,900 anti-athletes participated, 29 million in sales in the past three years, 13 million in sales in the last year before the pandemic, 100 permanent employees, 520 sports collaborators, and 1,600,000 investments in the past five years.

The “Obiettivo Sport e Salute 4.0” was presented in front of a hundred people at the “Gropallo” swimming pool in Nervi.

They were greeted, after greeting by the “host” Sarah Zotti, Vice President of the Consortium Andrea Biondi, and the absence of President Luca Baldini, and founder Massimiliano Mantovani.

Mayor Marco Pucci, Regional Sports Adviser Simona Ferro, Municipal Sports Adviser Alessandra Bianchi, speaking at his first public appearance after his stay at Palazzo Tursi, spoke the Regional President of CONI, Antonio Meciello.

The main goal of the coalition is to be able to seize new opportunities through “networking” by bringing together expectations and needs from different fields, with the awareness that “the world has changed”.

The hope is to improve the skills and individual services offered by presenting themselves with a “single brand”, along with comparison “tables” with municipalities, territory and other interlocutors.

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The expectations of today’s sports practitioners and families vary, as has the relationship with public administrations.

More complete professionalism and new ventures are needed to really be able to intercept news that is also managerial and economic: it is necessary to be able to increase revenue and reduce losses.

For swimming pools, above all, the sustainability of the stations, which are managed on behalf of public administrations, must be improved, reducing energy costs through rational and short-term investments.

The Sports and Health 4.0 federation says it is ready to create and manage events that can enhance the region and ensure great media visibility as well as an economic return, even in terms of tourism.

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