Console exclusivity for PS5 will last for 731 days according to a trailer from Sony –

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer dedicated to PS5 and within this we have the opportunity to see a segment dedicated to forsbook, a new action game from Square Enix, scheduled for PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s only going to be an exclusive time console, but for how long? The video confirms that it will continue 731 daysthis is two years.

As you can see in the picture below, actually, PlayStation video In which Forspoken also shows that the release date is set for January 24, 2023 and that the game is Exclusively until January 23, 2025. The exact dates were not known, but the duration of the exclusivity was still mentioned at the time the game was called Project Athia.

That’s a particularly long time, especially when compared to Final Fantasy 16, which looks like it’s only going to be a PS5 exclusive for 6 months. However, in the latter case, the game will not even be available on PC initially, so after 6 months it is possible that the game will arrive on PC but not immediately on other consoles.

Dedicated Forspoken excerpt from PlayStation ad

We also remember one thing. Even if we assume that the information indicated in the official video is incorrect, it does not mean that Forspoken will reach other platforms on that exact date. maybe Actual PS5 exclusive Longer, because Square Enix may slow down publishing on other platforms. Furthermore, it is always possible that Sony will decide to renegotiate the exclusivity to extend it. The only certainty, for now, is that the thing referred to is the current minimal singularity.

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Finally, remember that for now there is one Forspoken product page on Xbox Store With the release date set for January 24, 2023: we will have to see if it will be updated.

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