Confusion over ‘Monsters at Work’ premiere

For some inexplicable reason, Disney+ has chosen to postpone the Swedish premiere of the new TV series.

For those who were more careful when we reported 80 new shows for this summer on Disney+, it was already clear that the Swedish premiere of “Monsters at Work” was scheduled for August 25. However, in the United States and the rest of the world, the first episode of the series was released as early as July 7, clearly causing confusion among many here in Sweden.

The events take place in a power station where monsters previously used the screams of children to generate energy. In the movie “Monsters, Inc.” (2001) Mike and Sully realized that children’s laughter is ten times more effective, and here (after 6 months) the story of “Monsters in Action” continues.

Frustrated fans have heard of it…

New character Tylor Tuskmon has always dreamed of scaring kids, but now she’s forced to learn a whole new way of working.

Frustrated fans have reached out to MovieZine for an explanation of why we have to wait a little more than a month for the “Monsters at Work” premiere. Unfortunately, we were unable to get an official response from Disney regarding the lawsuit, so at the moment it is only possible to speculate on the lawsuit.

One possibility, for example, could be that earlier delays in the TV series, which was initially supposed to premiere as early as 2020, may have occurred on the water and delayed work on the Swedish dubbing.

While many older viewers agreed to the English-only voice acting at first, it might not be popular with families with children who expected the broadcasting giant’s products to be live entertainment for children.

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Since Disney itself has not commented on the decision to postpone the Swedish premiere to August 25, the “dubbing argument” is purely speculation. However, let’s hope this is just a separate event and that we won’t have to wait for more Disney Originals, at their world premieres.

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Will monsters in action be given a chance in August? Feel free to comment below!

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