Confrontation with expression (confused) with Trump

Sometimes it’s all about appearance. And one smile (or less) can make all the difference in the world. He was noticed by many on social media, and noticed the expression of the translator present in Rome during the meeting between the US President Joe Biden NS Pope Francesco. Elisabetta Savini Ullmann, the official interpreter of the White House, looks relaxed, smiles and even jokes with his interlocutors. The American newspaper, The Recount, compared these photos with those of the former president’s meeting Donald Trumps With another Italian interlocutor (it is not clear whether he was the Pope), who was present with the same interpreter.

The translator’s expression is spreading viral

The expression of a woman is completely different: when you listen to a businessman, before translating, she looks confused, amazed, sometimes annoyed. We don’t know what the White House interpreter really thinks about the two American presidents, but judging by his expressions, it’s easy to get an idea. The video in which the two meetings were compared went viral on social media, garnering thousands of likes and shares within a few hours.

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