Conference League, Rome – Leicester: 7 English fans arrested – Chronicle

Seven fans were arrested and two reported, all English. This is the check balance after the Rome-Leicester Conference semi-finals. Tension during the last minutes of the match: some Roma fans who occupied the sector near the guests threw objects at the Englishmen which caused the latter’s reaction who wanted to attack the Giallorossi fans and attacked the service hosts. Customers intervened to restore calm to the entire sector. Police arrested seven Britons, aged between 23 and 36. 6 flight attendants and 5 policemen were injured.

The seven arrested today were sentenced to one year in prison. 2 other fans were also reported to be at liberty to bring some fireworks to the stadium. Investigators are now working hard to identify the people who dumped the items into the guest sector.

In the vicinity of the sports facility there were no problems and fans, including 3,500 from the UK, made their way to their seats in the stadium on a regular basis.

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