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They will end with A classic final ceremony at the World Figure Skating Championships, Whose competitions were held this week in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Ericsson Globe Arena. The best skaters of the parade will delight the audience from home Creative and authentic offersFinally, free from racing tension.

Obviously, he will be there on stage All of the top three are ranked by their respective majors But also many other guests from the International Federation. Obviously, the spotlight will be on the big names in the field like Yuzuru Hanyu, The hero who is usually in these contexts Indulge in excellent performances and fun moments, Other than Nathan Chen, Anna Sherpakova, Anastasia Mishina Alexander Galliamov and Victoria Senitsina-Nikita Katsalapov.

Italy will also be present at the parade with Charlene Gennard and Marco Fabry, Sixth place in the Ice Dance Test. This is their best position in the world championships.

The entire event is fully visible on Eurosport Player platform; However, many live links are expected on both RAI Sport channels and on Eurosport 2. Details are presented below.

2021 World Championships in Stockholm: Sunday, March 28th program

14: 30.17: 00 Gallery Gala

2021 World Championships in Stockholm: Arrangement of the Gala Snowboarding Exhibition

1. Opening
2 – Nikolai Majorov (Svzia)
3 – Ching Ping – Yang Jin (China)
Josephine Talegaard (Switzerland)
5 – Donovan Carrillo (Mecico)
6 – Madison Chowk – Evan Bates (USA)
7 – Kaori Sakamoto (Jiaponi)
8 – Mikhail Kolyada (Russia)
9 – Charlene Genniard – Marco Fabri (Italy)
10 – Alexandra Trusova (Russia)
11 – Rikuo Miura – Ryoichi Kihara (Giapuni)
12 – Piper Gill – Paul Poirer (Canada)
13. Karen Chen (USA)
14. Mauritius Kafitelashvili

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15 – Andreas Nordepak (Sweden)
16 – Brady Tennel (USA)
17 – Yuma Kageyama (Japonai)
18 – Kirsten Moore Towers – Michael Marinaro (Canada)
19 Lillah Fair – Lewis Gibson (UK)
20 – Rikka Kiheira (Japan)
21 – Keegan Messing (Canada)
22 – Alexandra Boykova – Dmitry Kozlovsky (Russia)
23 – Madison Hubbell-Zachary Donohue (USA)
24 – Elizaveta Toktamysheva (Russia)
25 – Yuzuru Hanyu (Giappone)
26. Anastasia Mishina Alexander Galiamov (Russia)
27. Anna Sherpakova (Russia)
28. Victoria Senitsina – Nikita Katsalapov (Russia)
29. Nathan Chen (United States of America)
30. Conclusion

2021 World Championships in Stockholm: Where to watch the Gala on TV and Live

– Full live broadcast of Eurosport player
– From 3:10 pm, live broadcasting Eurosport 2
– Live RAI Sportweb (RAISport postponed from 00:15 on March 29)

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