Concept #1, the SUV that starts a new generation of Smart

Italian preview of a file smart concept #1, The first model of the new generation. The SUV concept introduces the brand to the burgeoning segment of compact and small cars.


La smart concept #1, Close to production, the compact exterior dimensions and traditional intelligent design convey a new concept of the vehicle, with a distinct, high-tech position more pronounced and emphasized by numerous interior and exterior elements.

Few of the measures

Despite the compact exterior dimensions (4,290 / 1,910 / 1,698 mm and 2,750 mm of wheelbase), the interior of the Smart Concept No. 1 is very spacious, thanks to the placement of the wheels in the corners of the car.

future in style

One of the most important elements of the interior design is the center console that extends between the front seats and seamlessly integrates with the design of the instrument panel. The central control is an independent 3D touch screen display with a 12.8-inch screen.

Interior view of the new smart SUV

Interior design of the first smart SUV

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The new generation of smart models will provide the highest level of dynamic handling and passive safety. In addition, the platform will offer many other benefits including fast charging features, wide availability of cloud-based over-the-air updates of the vehicle’s software, state-of-the-art infotainment features and innovative driver assistance systems.

Abrocchio is data-driven

In parallel with the complete digitization of vehicles, Smart is implementing a comprehensive overhaul of its sales structures with a data-driven approach, which will redefine multi-channel commerce and allow it to interact directly with customers and enthusiasts by offering a simpler and simpler customer journey. .

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