Compulsory green passport, parents are concerned: the government ensures that students and families are not discriminated against


Article 26- “As an association of parents, we are concerned about the burden of problems and tensions that the introduction of the green corridor in particular in the context of the school may bring. Taking into account at the same time the seriousness of the epidemiological situation and the criticism of this provision by various institutional actors and many citizens, The vaccinated and the unvaccinated, we believe that in general on the health, regulatory, professional and educational aspects, which often differ in opinions, it is necessary to avoid radical solutions that exclude citizens from exercising their rights.

Media narratives stigmatizing “no to vaccination” Those who have doubts about the green corridor and those who freely choose not to vaccinate their children or have only doubts about choosing to vaccinate their children, in light of internationally conflicting scientific and political opinions, should not do so. Putting the cohesion between families and pupils and the alliance between the school and the family in jeopardy: in this case the institutions must also guarantee the freedom of informed choice of parents and pupils.

We must all fight together against covid also with a right vaccination campaign, “stresses Article 26 President Carlo Staciola” but without compromising the freedom of thought and choice enshrined in the Constitution and bearing in mind that any choice made in conscience is legitimate and cannot be subject to discrimination . We ask the government to take into account all the opinions of parents, teachers and university students, and to find effective and comprehensive mediation on the issue of molecular, antigenic and salivary tests, without discrimination.

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The provision should be revised that masks should not be used only in classes where all pupils are vaccinated, as it encourages pressure and discrimination towards the unvaccinated and their families, without ensuring that possible infection is excluded and stressful situations are favored. Instead the legislature should discourage it.

Introducing the Green Pass to the school staff seems crucial to us for a quiet restart. The text of the protocol was not shared by all unions and was interpreted differently between them and the ministry. What serenity and unity in overcoming the crisis will they be able to offer to our teachers who are forced to work in such conditions? This situation, “concludes Stacchiola” must be overcome as soon as possible because it undermines the principle of an inclusive learning community and leads to organizational problems and tensions that the school cannot afford at the moment, while it is necessary to work with all existing tools to start a new year. A rebirth especially for young people, which is the most psychologically tested during these very difficult school years.”


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