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there Ferrero In various European countries, as well as in Italy, it recalled some of its products that children love because of the possibility of its presence salmonella; It is located around the egg Kinder Surprise and Choco Bones. With us, the notice concerns only the latter that are produced at the Arlon plant (in Belgium), where the contamination occurred. Whereas Kinder eggs with surprise or other products such as Easter eggs, produced in Alba, in Piedmont, are safe. In fact, the company announced: “All other Ferrero products, including Kinder products dedicated to Easter and all characteristics of the Easter celebration, are not affected.”

But How did the pollution happen? from salmonella? According to the site, Looking at the ingredients that make up chocolate eggs, “The first thing that comes to mind is that the contamination is from milk, which is as difficult (though not impossible) as it is in Kinder Dry milk and therefore not fresh (more susceptible to bacterial contamination). On the other hand, it is more likely that” chocolate and the Cocoa ButterOn these components, bacteria can live for a long time. Moreover, salmonella is also resistant to high temperatures and even if the chocolate is processed, it tends to remain dormant and revitalize.”

Can provoke salmonella symptoms how nausea And the Diarrhea, but also feverAnd the hitchache And the colic. It is an infection that mainly affects the digestive system but in some cases it can lead to serious complications. This bacteria is especially dangerous for the elderly, pregnant women, immunosuppressed people, and children. The youngest in different European countries, due to Kinder eggs, contracted salmonellosis and in some cases it was necessary to hospitalize.

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