Companies: Anti-Deportation, Fines and Blacklisting Project – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, August 17 – A new mandatory path for companies that decide to close or relocate and – in the event of non-compliance – fines (2% of last year’s sales) and “blacklisting” (which prohibits access to public funding or incentives for a period of time). 3 years). This is stipulated in the draft ordinance that Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando and Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alessandra Todd are working on. The draft, made up of 5 articles, sets out advance information obligations and commits the company to submit a plan to mitigate the functional and economic consequences associated with the closure.

“Our goal is not to hit the restructuring court. We don’t want to blame those who make shifts because they have to switch to different production models, and we certainly don’t have companies in the head living on subsidies. Competitiveness is the goal, but purely speculative positions are not more acceptable. Those who are not in crisis and they want to quit, they can do it. But they will have to follow an organized path, which includes social partners and encourages the arrival of new entrepreneurs”, explains Deputy Minister Todd. (handle).

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