Como degli Hartono, the richest monarchy in Italian football

Owners Robert and Michael Hartono are, according to Forbes, among the 100 richest men in the world

D to B in three years, with the richest monarchy in Italian football at its head, something that now frightens the rivals and makes their fans dream. The current situation in Como can be summarized as follows, as last Sunday the promotion to the Italian second division was celebrated with an early turn thanks to the success in the direct confrontation with Alexandria.

A leap in the class reopens the doors of Lariani’s cadets after five years of absence, but this time with an entirely different muscle group. Since April 2019 (close to winning the second division championship), in fact, Lombard FC has been sold off SENT Entertainment Ltd, A UK based media and entertainment company led by the richest family in Indonesia, GLI Hartono, With brothers Robert and Michael in the lead. a second Forbes, Both are among the richest men in the world (1st at 54th and 2nd at 56th) with an empire $ 40.2 billion This made them one of the richest possessions of Italian football. Cautious investments in these two years of leadership, as the biancobl club did not allow itself to go to “crazy” expenses but for thoughtful choices by Danny Wise (former Chelsea captain representing the Indonesian royal at the club’s top) and DS Carlberto Lodi.

After our turn, here is also the surprising fact of Como. B shaped 2021/22 and promises to be even more awesome …

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