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In the end, the online outage lasted for a tax officer to space out over the weekend or a little more to report allotment of credit and deduction on the construction bonus bill. The Revenue Agency announced at 4:15 p.m. Monday, November 15 that it had “re-opened the channel for transmission of communications related to bill transfer or discount options.” The new model To report the options for credit allocation or for invoice deduction is already available. The service was temporarily deactivated on Friday 12 November to allow “the IT platform to be adapted to the changes introduced by Decree-Law No. 157/2021,” the Anti-fraud Ordinance, which went into effect last week that introduces measures to combat fraud committed with Superbonus.

Scam on 950 million

This is not insignificant, but it is almost a billion stolen from state coffers. The tax credits accrued fraud on construction bonuses amounted to 950 million euros, well over the 800 million that have been talked about so far. The figure has been updated by the Director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, who spoke on Sunday, November 14 on “In Mezz’Ora,” send Lucia Annunziata on Ray Tree. “The intervention was urgent,” said Ruffini.

Compliance and Certification

The Anti-Fraud Ordinance adds two necessary steps to obtain discounts on invoices or to allocate credits to intermediaries. The first is the requirement to obtain a compliance visa – issued by accountants and cafes – for all construction bonuses and not just the 110% Superbonus as it has been until now. The second is the obligation to “certify expenditure adequacy” for all interventions without any cost limit. The second “incomprehensible” Confartigianato Imprese, Cna and Casartigiani, “Because to replace a simple boiler or even just a window, the new burden risks being more expensive than the tax benefits. Moreover, it is not yet clear who will have to issue the sworn statement and what content it will have.”

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