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(ANSA) – AUGUSTA, June 09 – The British aircraft carrier Hms Queen Elizabeth, the largest in the Royal Navy, has arrived in Port Augusta (Syracuse) for the first time in Italy. Heading to the Indo-Pacific, a fleet is at the head of the “Carrier Strike Group”, consisting of seven ships and a submarine surrounded by a Dutch frigate and an American destroyer. Led by Queen Elizabeth, the fleet will visit 40 countries, including India, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore. The group will also join and participate in exercises with the French aircraft carrier FS Charles De Gaulle in the Mediterranean, the Navy and allied aircraft such as the United States, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. UAE.

Once in the Pacific, the ships will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the five-year defense pacts between Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom by participating in the Birsama Lima exercise. Along with Hms Queen Elizabeth on her first deployment are the destroyers Hms Diamond and Defender; the frigates HMS Richmond and Kent; A first-class submarine resting under the waves; and additional support ships of the Royal Fleet RFA Fort Victoria and RFA Tidespring.

More than 30 aircraft will also embark on the task force, including F-35s from the 617th Squadron, Dambusters and Vmfa-211s of the USMC; Wildcat helicopters from the 815 Naval Air Squadron and Merlin helicopters from the 820 and 845 Naval Air Squadron. We are visiting Sicily. Augusta is our first port of call since leaving Portsmouth. The choice reflects the close relations between our naval fleets, but also the fact that the UK and Italy are similar partners in NATO, committed to security in The Mediterranean and Beyond”. (handle).

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