Coming Soon Renewable Energy Bonus 2022: Requirements, Amounts & Questions

A new renewable energy grant on the way, which provides a recognized tax credit for the installation of embedded storage systems in electricity production plants, which are operated using only renewable energy sources, could benefit from the tax credit. Let’s see all the details in the following article.

The Renewable Energy Bonus 2022 Consists of credit tax Calculated on the costs incurred for installation Built-in storage systems in electrical production plantswhich are operated using only renewable energy sources.

Let’s see in detail how the bonus works and when it can be requested.

Renewable Energy Bonus 2022: What it is and when it is due

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The Renewable Energy Bonus 2022 It is a new incentive that provides the ability to reach credit tax to install Integrated storage systems with electrical production stations which are operated using only renewable energy sources,

To be able to claim the reward, you must comply with two Requirements:

  • Production plants shall only and exclusively be operated by Renewable energy sources;
  • Expenses must occur in order to avail the facilities Between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

Only natural persons can submit an application for a tax credit.

The reward for renewable energy can be based on the total 2022 financial endowment equal to 3 million euros.

Renewable Energy Bonus 2022: Amounts and Demand

2800 Revenue Agency

The Renewable Energy Bonus request will be sent electronically using Revenue Agency Portal. In the application, it will be necessary to report information related to expenses incurred, You will also share the documents needed to prove these expenses.

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Specific information related to timing You will be informed by the same agency of a specific decree.

As for theamount Disbursed with the bonus, once the application time window closes, the available resources will be split between the different cases that have been submitted and approved. Only at this stage will applicants be able to know the exact amount of the contribution.

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