Come on, I have his head in my hand

He kills his mother, then calls the police. Jessica Camilleri 27 years, His mother, Rita, beheaded after he arrived with her Heated discussion. The young woman beheaded with a large knife and then dumped her head on a road outside their home in Sydney, Australia.

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The mother-daughter relationship seems to have been strained for some time. The 27-year-old said her mother would be satisfied with her, and for months she would have made being at home a burden. It was alleged that the woman grabbed her daughter’s hair on the day the crime was committed and pulled her from her room to the kitchen where she grabbed a knife that she wanted to hit her with. “I thought she was going to stab me, so I stabbed her in the back,” Jessica Camilleri explained in court as reported before. Sun, “I was very angry, and I kept stabbing her and dislocating her head.” This is the daughter’s version of events.

It seems that Jessica has been suffering from various psychological disorders for some time and, as her sister recounts, it may have driven her to commit such a frenzy. After the murder, with her mother’s head in her hand, the 27-year-old went to the neighbors to show evidence of what had happened and then kicked her out on the street. He immediately informed the authorities, explaining what had happened. The facts go back to 2019, but the daughter’s trial is still ongoing these days. According to psychiatrists, the young woman’s mental instability was exacerbated by the many violent films that she would watch during her life.

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