Combat Evolved was initially multiplayer only, and did not have the campaign –

It turns out from an extensive article on the history of Halo published by Retro Gamer Combat aura evolved It was originally expected as Multiplayer only game And for a long time he didn’t have one 1 player CampaniaOnly the best he can remember.

In an interview with the programmer Stephen Sinclair, who co-developed the first game Halo: Combat Evolved in Bungie, says the game is intended to be a multiplayer-only game. “Halo was developed for online multiplayer even in its initial forms,” explained Sinclair, who told how, when work began on it in 1999, the game was set to be a launch game for Xbox Live on Microsoft’s first console.

In fact, even after some time in development and relatively late after the actual release, Halo: Combat Evolved didn’t have a proper single-player campaign, Sinclair said, but the game worked by connecting to the servers as multiplayer. Online pure.

Halo: Combat Evolved is now largely remembered for its campaign

In the long-running special edition published by Retro Gamer, this lesser-known aspect of the history of the development of the first halo appeared, given how decisive and well-built the campaign turned out to be.

It’s clear that Bungie focused first on building mechanics Play Thinking about multiplayer, then introducing a single player campaign with history within the game structure that is now well established and perhaps part of the secret to Halo: Combat Evolved’s success lies in this. In a sense, such an approach can be found today with Halo Infinite and its separation between single player and free multiplayer.

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