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Yamaha Makes its Mark in Portable Music-Making with SEQTRAK Groovebox

Yamaha, a prominent player in the music industry, has recently unveiled its latest venture into the portable music-making market – the SEQTRAK groovebox. Drawing inspiration from Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z portable studio, the SEQTRAK features a similar design that is sure to capture the attention of music enthusiasts.

The SEQTRAK is a standalone device that boasts a built-in battery and speaker, making it perfect for on-the-go musicians. Packed with impressive features, it includes a drum machine, sampler, FM and sample-based synthesis, and a powerful sequencer. With the companion app, users can achieve visual control, delve into deeper settings, access additional sounds, and even enjoy a video visualizer.

In terms of connectivity, the SEQTRAK offers a range of options including wireless and physical MIDI, USB, and a built-in interface. Musicians will find the drum section particularly appealing, as it offers seven tracks with the ability to hold up to six sounds each. Meanwhile, the FM synth boasts four operators and eight-note polyphony, and the sample-based synth engine provides a max polyphony of 128.

Flexibility is a standout feature of the SEQTRAK, as it allows users to record samples using the built-in microphone, USB, aux-in, or by resampling. Moreover, despite being slightly larger than the OP-Z, the SEQTRAK comes at a more affordable price of $399, making it an attractive option for music enthusiasts of all levels.

While the launch date for the SEQTRAK is yet to be announced, Yamaha is expected to provide more information at the upcoming NAMM show. This highly-anticipated event is sure to attract music enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the latest music-making technology.

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As Yamaha ventures into the portable music-making market, the SEQTRAK groovebox is set to make waves with its sleek design, myriad of features, and affordable price point. Music enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the power of the SEQTRAK, as Yamaha continues to push the boundaries of musical innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as Yamaha makes its mark in portable music-making with the SEQTRAK groovebox.

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