Collatino, breaks the nose of a policewoman fending a mother with two kids

A young policeman intervened to protect a mother of two who was returning to her home in Colatino. The woman was attacked and beaten by a man who was in apparent rage. It happened this morning at 11:30, across the corner of Peseno on Via della Serenissima. A patrol from Sant Ippolito police station intervened after numerous reports arrived at the operations center. They spoke of a foreigner, harassed and aggressive, screaming in the street and harassing and frightening all passers-by.

The steering wheel arrived just as the man, who was then the result of Ghana, approached, shouting and waving his hands towards the mother with the two children. The policeman ran out of the car and threw herself in front of the woman with the children to protect her. But she was hit by a punch and a hard slap. His reaction was to try to fend off further attacks. At the same time, another policeman who was at the wheel intervened to stop the man. There was a quick quarrel, and in the end the 78-year-old Adam Habib, a multi-prejudice, already reached by an expulsion decree was arrested.

The police officer was taken to the hospital: severe pain from a broken nasal septum. Habib will be brought to trial to verify the validity of the arrest.

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