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ANTICYCLONE looks great at the start of the week. With the start of the new week The anticyclone will return to dominate the European scenario, including the central countries in particular, From the United Kingdom to the Scandinavian south, Germany and the central Mediterranean, where the weather is stable and mostly sunny. Cold northern flows will still run along the right-hand side, indicating the continent’s eastern states and the Black Sea, while wet infiltrations in the western Atlantic will not advance beyond the Iberian Peninsula. The temperatures will rise again In central Europe, spring values ​​reach roughly until mid-week, but in northern latitudes, a cycle will be triggered that will have very little spring and that in a few days will encompass more than half of the continent that will sink again in winter.

Weather trend between 5 and 7 March
Weather trend between 5 and 7 March

The second half of the week, winter is ready. Starting Thursday, the counter-hurricane will target the United Kingdom, until it reaches Iceland and will start moving along its right-hand side. A cold air descending from arctic latitudes will make its way south Day after day and during the weekends it will arrive Also central Mediterranean and Italy. By Thursday, the countries facing the North and Baltic Seas will experience a sharp drop in temperatures, and the values ​​will revert to the winter pattern. Near the end of next week, the cold eruption will have invaded countries like France, Germany, Poland and the northern Balkan sector, And, of course, east towards the border with Russia.

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Snow is also on the plains. Rains are expected to worsen in Central Eastern European countries Snow falls between Thursday and Friday over Germany, Poland, the Baltic states and Belarus, with flakes often able to reach flat altitudes. During the weekends, the weather is likely to be bad all the way to the Balkans, in this case also with snowfall at lower altitudes or even in the plains, while in the north, the clearance may lead to higher temperatures Temperatures drop to -10 ° C in countries such as Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

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