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Cold, frost and snow. It seems that winter has returned to Europe

by Domenico Guarino

FredoFrost and Snow: Suddenly in Europe it seems that winter has returned. Is it crazy climate fault? Climate change certainly has its significance, but it must be said that exceptional phenomena, even the most extreme ones, are not rare in the course of history. On August 6, in the village of Tegoia (Sovicelli, Siena), for example, the feast of Madonna della Neve is repeated every year, in memory of It snows in August Occurred during the Middle Ages. The day before, but in 352, the chips fell in Rome, and this event, very unusual, was the inspiration for the construction of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. It wasn’t summer, but March, when a winter’s tail shot of Longarni covered Florence with five centimeters of snow. Instead, on April 6, 2003, snow fell in Bari, as well as on most of the coasts of the Adriatic. While 1816 has always been remembered as the year without a summer

In short, unusual weather eventsalways happened. Exceptional cases, indeed. So much so that the summer of 2003 was one of the hottest summers ever in Italy. We don’t know how it will go this year, definitely a surprising year drop in temperature He was severely warned. And not only in our latitudes.


Chill: Paris under a white blanket

in France Even worse, with icy winds, snow and near-zero temperatures over almost the entire national territory, 22 counties are on watch. The temperature dropped by 20 degrees in 4 days, an episode described by Météo France as “unusual for early spring”. The Ile-de-France region, Normandy, and even Lille have also been whitened. Snow is also falling in Paris, where traffic has slowed dramatically with 240 kilometers of total queues on the roads, even if the snow melts immediately near Paris.

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In the Scandinavian countries

It is even worse in Scandinavia with less snow, but The temperatures literally dropped, it reaches -27 degrees in Sweden and -23 degrees in Finland. Less cold, but the same climatic fate as the United Kingdom (it snowed in London), the Netherlands, Denmark and France. Cold and frost hit Germany also with snow falling almost to the plains in the Stuttgart region and near Berlin where the temperature dropped below zero. The same situation is also in Poland with snowfall in Warsaw.

what happens?

The return of winter weather affected several European countries from the Netherlands to Belgium, and from Germany to Spain to France

The return of winter weather affected several European countries from the Netherlands to Belgium, and from Germany to Spain to France

Secondly meteogiornale.itMore than half of March in the past 30 years has seen extreme events, with snow falling at very low altitudes. Dozens witnessed weather events of this kind and frost in April. Indeed, “the climate trend line is seeing an extension of the risk late frostwith a disproportionate increase in extreme weather events, with serious damage to planting “at the end” of winters that spend long sunny periods that favor early flowering of plants, with increasingly early vegetative awakening over time, which comes after, for example, exposed to sudden cold attacks, which not infrequently last for several days, with nights of frost. ”

La Niña phenomenon

In particular, this year’s instability is likely due to Nina (An anti-El Niño phenomenon, which leads to a decrease in temperature over much of the Pacific), which will persist between moderate and weak even in the spring, while the high winter anomalous pressures will disappear. This would promote the return of bad weather in the European and Mediterranean region.
“La Niña is likely to remain throughout the spring, with the transition to neutral in May through July,” NASA wrote.
So what looks like we should expect over the next few weeks will be one unstable springwith unexpected climatic events resulting from sudden intrusions of cold air, and thus the emergence of deep low pressures in the Mediterranean Sea with bad weather.

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