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Cold and frost in southwestern Australia غرب
Cold and frost in southwestern Australia غرب

While we are in Italy we are experiencing a severe heat wave, on the other side of the world, In Australia, winter is off to a great start.

The cold front that affected the southwestern part of the oceanic country brought with it one Ice mass of air from Antarctica Causing lower temperatures in the southern part of Western Australia.

In the city of Perth The temperature has reached an all-time low in the past two years It reaches + 1.9 ° C immediately after 6:30 in the morning. The last time such a low calorific value occurred was in May 2019. This value is clearly not enough icy mass of air To make the temperatures drop a lot at night, two very specific conditions are needed: a clear sky and a little wind, so that the cold at a high altitude can settle on the ground.

Outside the regional capital and thus outside the heat island, they reached each other Values ​​close to zeroAs in the case of Perth Airport, which recorded 0.5 degrees Celsius.

Over the next few days the cold It should continue in this area even if the minimum temperatures should not break any records.

Perth’s coldest record was 0.7°C in the Australian winter of 2006.

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