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COCERAL revises its 2023 production forecast downward. However, corn and wheat grow – Ruminantia – The web magazine for the world of ruminants

according to new forecasts COCERALthe total cereal harvest for 2023 in the EU will be -27 + UK 303.5 million tons.

This value is down from 304.4 million tons in the December forecast, but it is A significant increase from the 290.7 million tons harvested in 2022.

The main reason for the increase in the total grain yield compared to last year is Resumption of maize production, which according to COCERAL forecasts is 62.3 million tons. Previous expectations were 64.5 million tons, while last year’s harvest was only 52.5 million tons. Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria Italy They will have much heavier harvests after the 2022 vintage suffered severe drought and heat. However, the French corn crop is not expected to recover significantly as planting is expected to decline due to higher input costs. More extensive crops, such as sunflower seeds, should replace part of the area planted with corn.

output from wheat (excluding durum wheat) will stand at 144.5 million tons, up from 143.3 million tons in the latest forecast and 142.3 million tons in 2022. Similar to corn, higher yields are expected especially in Spain, ItalyHungary and the Balkan countries.

output from barley of EU-27 + UK in 2023 will reach 59.6 million tons, down slightly from the previous forecast of 60 million tons and up from 58.8 million tons in 2022.

Coceral predicts a harvest canola EU-27 + UK will reach 21.1mt, up from 20.5mt in the previous forecast and 21.1mt in 2022. Harvests were up slightly year-on-year over the year, while yields should fall slightly below level good last year.

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