Co with Kunti is a killer

to Marcelo Bielsa Heavy Knockout at Home (0-4) against Tottenham to Antonio Conte. From today, Loco is no longer artistic LeedsThe team that left near the relegation zone with only 23 points has won 26 matches played so far. “It was the hardest decision I made during my tenure at Leeds United – announced the president Andrea RadrizzaniTaking into account all the success that Marcelo has had at the club“.

“We wish Bielsa the best”

It changed the club’s culture and brought us a winning mentality – Follow the Italian Shepherd – The moments we had, especially the 2019/20 season and promotion to the Premier League, will remain in all of our memories for a long time. However, I must act in the best interests of the club and I believe a change is now required to keep the team in the Premier League. Recent results and performance did not meet our expectations. We are in an awkward position in the league and I feel this is the right time to hire a new manager. Of course, I and everyone else at the club thank Marcelo for his efforts and wish him well for the future“.

Bielsa, viral voice on Maradona and Messi

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Bielsa, viral voice on Maradona and Messi

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