Co-CEO Marcin Iwinsky leaves his role as team leader –

In the midst of many news coming from Projekt RED CD There is also the official statement that Co-CEO Marcin Iwinsky ReportsRelinquishing his role as team leaderRemaining within the company but with a different and possibly less operational status.

“I am beginning a new personal chapter at CD Project RED, with a request to join as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, leaving my role as Co-CEO. By the end of 2022, I will be leaving my obligations in the hands of my colleagues,” Ewinsky wrote. It is located around one of the founders From CD Projekt RED a number that has always been key to the team, so his exit from the CEO position, while still within the company, is of great value.

As stated in the rest of the press release, Iwinsky has been on the team for 30 years and is pleased with how it has grown, becoming a giant with over 1,200 employees spread across offices around the world, and above all driven by a pioneering passion and great talent for developers.

We don’t yet know who will replace Marcin Iwiński in his role or if any make-up changes are due after this retirement, but in the meantime we’re recording this change that, apparently, does not come in a problematic period for the team: the CD in Indeed, Projekt RED has just announced a series of very ambitious projects in the next few years.

In addition to following Cyberpunk 2077, a new trilogy and two third-party games on The Witcher, the team also has a new intellectual property, currently called Hadar, in development.

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