CNAI Requests Revocation of Veneto’s Decision “Supplementary Healthcare Training for Social Health Operator”

CNAI – The National Association of Nurses Societies has requested the immediate annulment of the Veneto region’s decision on the topic ‘Supplementary training in healthcare for a social health operatorThis attributes to these employers jobs specific to the nursing profession.

The districts do not appear amenable to prosecution in any way, especially with regard to the training of healthcare professionals: it appears that it is increasingly necessary to pursue the goal of achieving broad coordination and sincere cooperation between central and regional administrations, with the support of scientific nursing societies / associations for health and safety Taking care of citizens.

The CNAI Undoubtedly, rapid interventions aimed at reshaping the OSS training and healthcare nursing professions are believed to be indispensable.

Job graduation in the professional practice of nursing should be implemented in alignment with the International Council of Nurses and EFN indicators: from fundamentals of assistance to advanced skills with prescription.

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