CMA raises various doubts about the acquisition and disagrees with the Brazilian entity –

The CMA (UK Competition and Markets Authority), which is in the process of analysis Acquisition of Activision Blizzard On the part of Microsoft Xbox, he raised some doubts about this issue and found himself at odds with some of the statements of the Brazilian entity.

As I mentioned Christopher Dring – Head of GamesIndustry – The Brazilian entity analyzing the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft Xbox said that No Call of Duty on Switch He proves that epic is not necessary for success, but the CMA does not agree.

Specifically, Dring stated the following: “The Brazilian entity said that the fact that Call of Duty is not on the Switch proves that the console doesn’t have to be successful. CMA disagrees:” Nintendo offers various hardware and content aimed primarily at a consumer segment. different (eg, “more family friendly”)”.

In other tweets, Dring also stated that “the CMA also did not share the idea that making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox could harm the series:” The CMA has not identified any compelling evidence that Microsoft will refrain from applying. […] Foreclosure strategies from the Xbox or Call of Duty reputation perspective. ”

Dring also wrote that “the reason why regulators were skeptical about Microsoft’s insistence on keeping the Call of Duty cross platform depends on what happened with Bethesda: “Microsoft has not fulfilled its promise to continue making Bethesda content available in multiple stores and platforms.”

Yesterday, Dring also said, “If there is one regulator that is most likely to fail the Microsoft/Activision deal, it is the CMA.”

Take Two’s CEO agrees to the takeover, however, and it’s a “good move.”

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