Closure of 20 more Banco de Sardinia branches

The “imminent” closure of another 20 operational branches of Banco di Sardegna.

This was announced by the unions who received official communications from the Bper Group.

“The innumerable blow to the province, already suffered and followed by dozens and dozens of previous closures,” states in a joint note from the regional secretariats of Vapi, First Cecil, Vesak-Siegel, Uelka-Oil, and Unicen.

“A direct attack on our local communities also contributed to the growth and strengthening of Banco di Sardegna,” he denounced the trade unions.

Who sounded the alarm about more closures that could be announced soon: “The many restructurings, this one based on an alleged new world brought on by the spread of Covid. Unicredit has downsized staff to the point where it is clearly difficult to maintain the continuous opening of agencies. Intesa- closed Sanpaolo has many offices on the island and is also struggling to keep up with the continuous and deliberate reduction in staff.BNL is under pressure from a massive restructuring that will reduce offices and headcount in Sardinia, as well as selling part of the workers to other companies.Monte dei Paschi di Siena now has Few open offices, mostly in provincial capitals. And it could go on and on. And we can go on likewise talking about other businesses.”

And the most punished are the small towns, the “most needy”. However, the acronyms persist, “Nothing justifies such outrage against our land. All agencies are profitable and the balance sheets of banks are a hymn to luxury.”

The unions say they are ready to start “the season of credit litigation immediately in Sardinia, and to reach a general mobilization of workers and local authorities”.

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