Closing rain is coming, ‘your fault’ what to do

Savings ledgers are a form of investment that has always been very popular among Italians.

Today, with strong inflation, savings books are back Fantastic fashion Many people use this tool.

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So it is an easy and convenient way, With very limited management costs And certainly within everyone’s reach.

Danger to savings books

But now there is a big risk related to savings books and it is not a small thing: So it is better to pay attention to it. Savings notebooks are certainly a widely used tool and are not uncommon for families Even their parents or even their grandparents I opened brochures at last.


In fact, many Italian families have savings books Very Old History but especially with the elderly it is important to exercise caution. In fact, there is a rule in postal brochures that many unfortunately ignore: that of dormant brochures. Thrift books are often used as real books parking savings They are never touched. But this could be a problem. In fact, if the savings book is not dealt with for 10 years The notebook is considered asleep and the money is wasted.

What are you doing now

The post office sends a large number of communications to holders of idle brochures. The post office informs the holders of sleeper brochures about this They must respond to the call within 180 days or make a movement on their brochure Otherwise, they will run a serious risk of losing their money. Let’s see what happens and what to do. The problem with this situation Often the post office will not be able to reach the real brochure holders. The books of accounts may have been kept by old people who do not pursue this kind of business or who have in the meantime changed their place of residence, in short for a thousand reasons Although the post office notify the owners Of the idle brochures that must be moved by summer or will be closed, many of these communications will not reach the recipient.

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Post office warns, but it’s not always helpful

The problem is strong and therefore it becomes very important that you understand that if you have sleeper brochures, you should save them from the risk of closing. To avoid the dangers of a sleeping ledger, simply perform an operation on the ledger Because the famous ten years are starting to run again. This is a good rule to always keep in mind. In fact, if you have a ledger or even a checking account, every now and then it’s important to do a trivial act to prevent these famous 10 years from making them end up in your list of dormant ledgers.

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