Closing branches in small municipalities «This is how the area became impoverished, Banco Marchegiano goes against the trend»

Intervention by the President of Civitanova Bank after the alarm raised by Cisl about the desertification of banks: “By our nature and our profession, we are deeply rooted, as well as in the larger reality, also in the smaller cities where we will continue to be proudly present

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George Palumbini

Closing bank branches in small towns is “a thorny issue, but in this way land, families and the economic fabric become impoverished.” So Giorgio Palombini, president of Banco Marchigiano, who intervenes in the debate about the closure of banking centers in the small towns of the province and the Marche region. The alarm was raised by Cisl who confirmed that a quarter of the marches are already branchless and more closures are expected in 2023 and will bring branchless municipalities to 50%.

Sandro Palombini strongly emphasizes what is the distinguishing feature of the credit institution based in Civitanova: «By our nature and our vocation, we are deeply rooted not only in the larger realities, but also in the smaller cities where we will continue to be proudly present: Civitanova Alta as well as the historic center of Montecossaro or the center of Monte San Giusto. All towns are small but perfectly aligned with Banco’s mission, as a co-operative credit institution of a shared nature.”

A few days ago, a proposal by some members of the regional councils obliged the president Francesco Acquaroli and the regional council to implement all useful measures to avoid the closure of bank branches (as well as post offices and other service providers) in small towns. Palumbini concludes, “It is no less important than the recent agreement we signed with the National Microcredit Authority. Agreement with that, also through the office that Enm It was opened in Belforte del Chiente, a small village in Upper MacerataWe offer more support to small businesses in March, both as private lessons, in the case of companies in the start-up, development and merger stages, and as support in disbursing credit ».

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Banks, the alarm for Cisl: «a quarter of the marches are branchless and in 2023 more closures are coming»

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