Climate, in March, all heat records in Europe (and beyond) are shattered –

Twenty degrees and more above average. Temperatures have risen in half of Europe, setting the temperature record in March for at least three countries (and anticipating what could be an unusually hot summer). Happened yesterday at Germany And there Holland That scored 27.2 and 26.1, respectively. But also to France. On Wednesday, the average maximum temperature in the country was the highest on record in March, at 29.8 degrees in the southwestern part of the country, compared to any other day in March in history. More than 220 weather stations, about 37% of the French network, have noticed new temperature extremes. From 22.9 degrees in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands off the coast of northern France (recorded in over 125 years) to 19.8 degrees in Guernsey, an island in the northwest (again, a record, since 1843). New monthly record also in Paris (26 scores, Wednesday): Half a degree higher than the previous record on March 25, 1955.

The heat in Europe was caused by a high-pressure dome that brought clear skies and exceptionally high temperatures, to the point that The temperature increased from one to two degrees in the atmosphere and surely Snow melting line rose 200 meters – Antonio San, meteorologist D. -. Therefore, the atmospheric phenomenon was very strong.

Record heat even at high altitudes

The monthly heat index was also reached by Switzerland, again on Tuesday, including some high-altitude locations in the Alps. Grimsel, a mountain pass in central southern Switzerland, reached a temperature of 10.9 degrees Celsius on March 11, 1997. In Chasseral, another peak in northwestern Switzerland, the temperature rose to 14 degrees, surpassing the record set in March 1990. Similar situation in Austria (Recorded in 29 stations) And in Belgium, which lost its monthly record temperature on Wednesday, which was only half a degree, but set a record in March for the national average temperature.

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It is not just a European phenomenon

High pressure several kilometers in the atmosphere traps core heat causing temperatures to rise disproportionately. The European phenomenon comes at the same time as the moderate temperatures in Japan Early cherry blossoms in Kyoto (This early flowering hasn’t happened in 1,200 years.) But record temperatures have also extended across much of Asia, with exceptional heat phenomena especially in southern China. Extreme heat has hit the world in recent years, adapting to the more frequent and intense pattern of extreme temperatures affected by climate change.

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